Milton Lloyd has a huge men’s cologne catalogue.  This is part two of my Milton Loyd best mens perfume review.   The rules are precisely the same.  I have no involvement with the firm and paid for all my products (they are too mean to send me free ones to evaluate!).

As with the first review, I give my instant assessment and then a more measured one after around a weeks worth of use.  The great fun about cologne is how your attitude to each can change over a relatively short period.  I then give my final combined mark.

They are a real hit and miss brand and have some of the worst smelling scents ever created.  One is so bad it is clearly produced by a  swarm of putrid demons mixing cauldrons of the stuff in the depths of hell. They then move on to mix Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier in the cauldron next door! However, their good ones are truly fantastic and so cheap you could purchase the whole back catalogue for a single bottle of  Aventus Creed

I have ended each review with the expensive  “Brand Name” alternative for a value for money comparison. Let me know in the comments if you agree, or not, with my Milton Loyd best mens perfume review as I intend to continue through their entire catalogue.

Milton Lloyd bondage hommes
Bondage Hommes

Bondage Hommes  1/5

First impressions – Jeez Louise!  Boy, this is strong. It is like an explosion in a pot-pouri factory.  Vanilla is the overriding top note with other flora extracts seemingly thrown in at random to create a smell I could only describe as “Avon Lady 1968”.  Now I am not a fan of floral perfumes but subtle ones I do not mind.  This, however, is so overpowering and cloying I actually looked at the box twice to check I had not purchased a female perfume.  I do not know on what possible occasion a man would wear this unless he were going to a drag party as a little old lady.  If you buy this in any way other than ironically, you need your olfactory systems reconditioned.

A week in – it has a very powdery dry down, but I can’t say it improved much over time.  It was basically overwhelming with a tenacity you would admire in a better scent.  When I wore it out, I got lots of reaction, but I think people were being polite.  In a lift in Brooklyn, a group of teenage girls all turned and looked at me and started giggling.  Oh dear.  The things I do for Art.

Supposed to smell like Dunhill Desire – You must be joking.  While I do not particularly like Desire it is light years beyond this mess.

best mens perfume review
True Grit

True Grit  4.5/5

First Impressions.  The box notes described this as “Woody Aromatic”, but the immediate smell was more of a citrus fougere.  It was really, very lovely.  Mandarin orange blended with mossy fern dried down to a spicier middle note before finishing on base notes of musk and amber.  As with most Milton Lloyd Eau De Toilette, the danger is overdoing it.  A little goes a long way.

A week in – Yes I still loved this one.  It was my every day “suit and tie” wear.  It is masculine and mature.  You have to like old-fashioned barbershop Eau De Toilette to love this as I do, but if you like spicy fougere scents with some “body”, then you have to get this one.  It just makes you smell and feel clean.

Supposed to smell like Diesel only the brave – Yup I can definitely see the similarity. Mandarin, cedar and amber dominate both, and if you like Diesel this is a worthy cheaper substitute.

Milton Lloyd success

Success Hommes  2.5/5

Fist impressions – Hmmm…watery scents are the hardest to get right, in my opinion.  Few have any real depth, and most of the time, I am left underwhelmed.   This was no exception.   Frankly, this smelt little different from tap water mixed with lemon juice   It came in an attractive, simple box with a  low key atomiser design, but you know a fragrance is struggling when you have to start describing the packaging as being the best thing about it.

A week in – To be fair this is not a bad smelling scent, it is just kind of “meh”.  Let’s face it when we buy cologne we want some form of reaction, even if it is only from ourselves.  This was just so anodyne that I wore it out nearly every day just because it was so inoffensive.  It was actually the bottle I finished first.    However, it had weak sillage and after a few minutes, only the faintest lemon and lime aroma.  A bit of a pointless Eau De Toilette I am afraid.

Supposed to smell like Issey Miyake L’Eau D’Issey – I have always thought this citrus aquatic overrated, so in that sense, they make a decent comparison.

best mens perfume review
Colour Me Volt

Colour Me Volt   4/5

First Impressions.  When I got this out of the box, I burst out laughing.  It looks just like a female sex toy (so I am told.. ahem).  Milton Lloyd has some of the most ridiculous flacon bottles ever designed.  Rene Lalique they are not.  However, the scent itself was very sophisticated.  It had me guessing different top notes that seemed to change with some rapidity.  The almost inevitable citrus was quickly replaced by bergamot and pepper.  It dried quickly to form a woody almost wet soil base.  Very unusual.

A week in – OK so, to be honest, I love this, but many may not.  I like earthy, woody perfumes and this delivers.  But this is not for everyone. A masculine almost retro smell, if this perfume had a job, it would be a Canadian lumberjack.  If you don’t like fougere, stay well clear.  However, if you like frags like Christian Dior’s Eau de Sauvage, this is well worth a shot.

best mens perfume review
Top Gun

Top Gun – 3/5

First impressions – Sage is an unusual top note for a perfume, but it works here.  It dries to a cedar, oakmoss base.  The box claims it features a chypre accord, but this is not really true apart from a faint smell of rose oil.

A week in – I do not like powdery dry downs and this ruined this scent for me.  It became too floral, and the chypre fragrance I didn’t get in the initial test overwhelmed the amber and cedar to its detriment.  This could have been good, but once again, it became just too overpoweringly floral.   Someone needs to tell the head perfumier to lay off the lavender oil.  A missed opportunity.

It is supposed to smell like Hugo Boss – Hmmm..I can see what they were getting at, but sometimes it pays to spend more.  I love Hugo Boss; this is not really in the same class.

For part one of my Milton Loyd best mens perfume review see here

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