Milton Lloyd men Eau De Toilette review

Milton Lloyd men Eau De Toilette is a British fragrance house that offers amazingly cheap scents.  On my travels back and forth over “The Pond” occasionally I stumble across a U.K. firm that offers incredible value for Americans.  Milton Lloyd is one such company.

I love cologne.   The science of it fascinates me as much as the smell itself.  I can bore people about “base” notes and “top” notes all day.  However, I refuse to pay the astronomical prices they charge in the USA for big name brands.  I believe  Milton Lloyd offers as good a product as the big name houses but at a fraction of the cost.  They may not be suitable if you are a “label queen” as I think they are practically unheard of in the USA.  But I believe you will love the quality as much as the price.  Try a few and see for yourself.

Milton Lloyd men Eau De Toilette Review – The Rules

I bought my bottles from  They ship to the USA for under $10 and all the bottles I review below are just $3.77 each!  They all came packed as 55ml atomisers.  They also packed me a voucher in the box that gave me a discount of ten percent off the next order.  The entire package plus shipping cost me less than $30.  The ones I loathed still made decent air freshener!

I am critical of them without being unfair.  This should help you not waste your time or money on buying a dud.  However be mindful that a good fragrance is merely a matter of opinion. You may love what I hate and vice versa.  At this price, you can afford to experiment.

I categorised them in two sections.  Immediate appeal and enduring appeal.  I often find that a fragrance which I at first despise  I love after a month.  So I have broken each fragrance down, giving my immediate opinion and then coming back to it after a few weeks for a more measured assessment.  This is when I give it a final score.  Let me know if you agree with my appraisal!

America Legend- Score 3/5

Retro Eau de toilette
Milton lloyd America Legend

Aptly named for my first review.  A ridiculous retro 1970s “porn” design bottle that nevertheless is worth considering if you are over 30.

IMMEDIATE APPEAL – Very musky.  Although the bottle claims to include floral notes like Rose and Orange its top note is really Fir resin.  This is then overtaken pretty quickly by the Musk and Oakmoss.  I wasn’t blown away and thought it strangely old fashioned.

MONTH ON REVIEW – The great thing about a fragrance is that it can become a “grower”.  I left this to one side as my original impression was not too favourable.  However, I found myself growing to like it.  Girlfriends told me the smell was “reassuring”.  I think I know what they mean.  It is a mature Autumnal/Winter fragrance for an older man.  It is not trying too hard which I like in a scent.   Probably best used if you have a suit and tie occupation.  Definitely not a first date fragrance.  Also not for you if you wear a back to front baseball cap.

Fame and Glory – Score 4/5

my favorite summer fragrance
Fame and Glory

An obvious Paco Rabanne “Invictus” clone I loved the look of this.  It should have wide-ranging appeal.

IMMEDIATE APPEAL – Very fruity top notes with grapefruit and Jasmine hitting you hard.  Despite what the bottle told me I didn’t get the marine accord.  It may be too sickly and overpowering for some but for me is my summer “Go to” fragrance for a night out.

MONTH ON REVIEW – This doesn’t review quite as well a month in.  Perhaps it is just a little bit too overpowering.  It is not subtle.  However, It did get lots of compliments from women.  Could be a bit too feminine for some tastes.  I would have prefered the Oakmoss and Marine notes to be more prominent.  Definitely not for Winter wear.

Aroma Di Jeane – 3.5/5

Aromi Di Jean

A simple attractive silver bottle this fragrance will split opinion. You are either going to love it or end up spraying it around the toilet bowl!

IMMEDIATE APPEAL – Impressive.  Fresh and vital. Citrus fruit is the overwhelming top note.  Specifically Melon and Lemon (which strangely the box doesn’t list).  This is a definite “after Shower ” or “at the Gym” fragrance.  Not particularly subtle but very invigorating.

MONTH ON REVIEW – Pretty much as my first thoughts.  A “young mans ” Eau de Toilette.  17-year-olds making out in the bleachers will be covered in this.  If you do not like fragrances like Davidoff ” Cool Water”  or Giorgio Armani “Aqua di Gio”, give it a miss.  If you do then it is a must for your collection.

Bondage Temptation – 1.5/5

A blue snake!
bondage temptation

Another ridiculous looking bottle with a blue serpent baring its fangs (Huh? No me neither!). A real dud for me I am afraid.

IMMEDIATE APPEAL – Wow this is strong.  But not in a good way. I think it is going for an Oriental spice vibe but it is just too overpowering.  Smells like a Thai brothel after a monsoon.

MONTH ON REVIEW – It improved slightly in the dry down.  But only slightly.  I could smell the Vanilla and Tonka Bean but I really don’t want to have to go to that much effort to try to like a fragrance. I couldn’t recommend this oriental turkey.

America Gold -2.5/5

Wow it is strong!
America gold

A simple black and gold bottle featuring an eagle (America geddit?).  This one confused me slightly and I am still not sure if I like it or not.

IMMEDIATE APPEAL – Again very strong.  This will definitely turn heads but in a good way?   Maybe not.  The mandarin orange is the immediate top note.  In itself this is not too bad but combined with spice and grapefruit it was, well kind of odd.  I didn’t dislike it but I couldn’t really see an occasion for which I would wear it.  Not a casual fragrance.  Women I tried it on either loved it or hated it.

MONTH ON REVIEW  – Mandarin orange and spice really only speak to me of a winter/evening scent.  This one was the joker in the pack.  As it dried down I preferred it as the bass notes of leather and amber peeked through.  One for your dad to wear on Xmas morning I think.  By no means horrific but a very acquired taste.

For part two of my Milton Lloyd review see here

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