Trumps Golem

It takes one to know one. Or so they say.  For his entire Presidency Democrats and Liberals have been trying to hold Trump to account, playing to a set of rules that no longer apply in American politics.  Gleefully pointing out obvious inconstancies, even downright lies in his rambling speeches and caustic tweets.  But this is  “old school” criticism.  Ed Murrow ethics for dinosaur politicians with JFK haircuts and political science degrees.  It is pointless.  Trump simply doesn’t care.  More importantly, neither does his base.  Like all narcissists, Trump is able to simply ignore what he doesn’t like about those he doesn’t respect.   And he doesn’t respect anyone who disagrees with him.  His America is a self-constructed world to which “NBC”, “CNN” and the “Washington Post” aren’t invited.

Boy! How Trump wishes he had listened to ~Piers Morgan

The Golden Ticket

But Omarosa Onee Manigault-Newman is different.  By her own admission, she owes it all to Trump.  Though the President didn’t turn her into the needy, deluded, fame-hungry vampire we endure today, he did furnish her with a toxic level of authenticity.  By giving her free access to the magic incantation “I am a friend of Donald Trump” he provided her with the political equivalent of a Wonka golden ticket. By all accounts, she ran amok with it.

Some have questioned how she got to the White House in the first place.  Clearly, she was unqualified by any tangible set of criteria.  Lacking not just the requisite professional experience but more importantly the integrity needed to be at the heart of the American Government.  But this is once again to misunderstand Trump and to judge him by standards that are no longer applicable. Trump hands out jobs based not on ability but on loyalty.  That is the whole point of nepotism.  He is not concerned that you can’t do the job.  That is for functionaries and minions.  If he appoints you, your sole purpose is to hold him in esteem.   It is devotion he seeks not competence.   It is ironic then that his own creation is in the process of bringing him down.

Trumps Golem – Trump’s first defeat and it took a nasty, self-serving Golem to deliver it.

It takes one to know one

Make no mistake.  This is not a five-minute wonder.  Liberals thinking that collusion with Russia or the Muller investigation is more important than this TV trivia do not understand The Donald’s world.  For him betrayal is everything and Trump has finally been caught out by his own golem.  An artificial creature created by malediction, whose sole purpose is to serve its creator.

Like Trump, Omarosa is a name-calling bully.  Her books very title “Unhinged “is classic Trump.  It is blustering treachery that will eat away at him. It attacks the core of what he stands for and he will not be restrained from hitting back  Calling a woman a “dog” would have destroyed any other politician even a few years ago.  Today Trump can and will shrug it off. But tomorrow he will come out with something even more offensive.   In doing so he will take America a small step further down the path to moral bankruptcy. But Trump will survive and Omorosa will get rich. In modern America, it takes one to know one.

Tipping.  More American than baseball.  But is it a lack of corporate responsibility masquerading as a gesture of gratitude. see my blog

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